mercredi 1 novembre 2017

Let's go to ALSACE

“C'est dans le souvenir que les choses prennent leur vraie place.”
"It's in the memory that things take their true place."

“Voyager est un triple plaisir : l’attente, l’éblouissement et le souvenir.”
"Traveling is a triple pleasure: waiting, wondering  and remembering."

Now is time for the third pleasure

Alsace wasn’nt in our bucket list ….and I don’t know  how it became a destination four our family trip ….but   the discover of this  area of France have been above of all our expectations

Let ‘s go …. A bit anxious of what could  happen  with this big family of 13 people travelling

YES, We are 

First stopover Colmar : Our headquarters in Alsace

we fell   in love with our flat in COLMAR ( a flat … linked to the history of the Comte of Ribeaupierre ….the ceiling decorated with its arms. ), situated in the center of the city, spacious and with a warm decoration

Daily life ... a big family of 13 people .... Good humor ... freedom ... everyone in his difference find his place naturally ....

"Travelling"  and "eating  well" ... are inseparable for some of us ... for others, we do not deny  the  pleasure  of good food ... then in the country of gastronomy, it takes minimum a chef ( we got it …he was australien) .. who says “chef” ... says fresh products  and an army of cooking commis

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