jeudi 28 décembre 2017

Much more to see than ...

YES,  for those who still think that France is Paris and the French Riviera, there is much more to see .. There is ALSACE too
Before this trip, my knowledge of Alsace had stopped at secondary school and for me, it was a region known for its complicated and painful history during the first and second world war ... the idea that it could be a tourist destination had never really gone through my head ... shame on me ...

Colmar: the Alsatian wine capital ...An unforgettable Experience ... the Alsatian Wine Capital, the romantic Petite Venise district, her traditional houses.

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Around Colmar, the « Terre et Vins au Pays de Colmar” region is a unique destination where lowlands, Vosges mountains and vineyards intermingle.

Let’s discover  the medieval towns of Eguisheim, designated as one of the most beautiful villages of France, Kaysersberg, Riquewihr

About Eguisheim 
“Surrounded by vineyards, nestling in a fold of green hills, Eguisheim is a medieval village whose narrow, concentric streets highlight the architectural merits of its half-timbered houses, lovingly decorated with flowers. Since 1985, this passion has been rewarded with the "4-flower" rating of France's National Floral Award.

Discover in this unique village: historic fountains, tithe manors, a yellow sandstone church with a 13th century "Opening Virgin" statue.
Stroll along its narrow streets and admire the broad spectrum of its coloured houses, where ancient inscriptions can be deciphered on the stone lintels. Fall in love with the personality of this most typical Alsace villages.”

About Kaysersberg

“Beautiful town on the Wine Route, Kaysersberg (The native town of Albert Schweitzer) surprises by the charm of the medieval sites around the Ste Croix church  …Kaysersberg is considered one of the most charming cities in Alsace, with its paved streets and half-timbered houses. … Kaysersberg is situated on the on the road of Santiago de Compostela.”

About Riquewihr

“Winegrowing community on the Wine Route (altitude 300 m), Riquewihr currently has 1228 inhabitants and is a member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. Many winegrowers offer guided tours of their cellars with tastings”.


About Le Château du haut Koenigsbourg
Ajouter une légende

From this impressive mountain fortress, you can admire the whole Alsatian plain unfolding before you. 


And to end this post …For those who still think  that  they will never travel  in groups …see this video that explains Why  it’s "cool''  to travel in group 

happily for us, we didn't have to face any danger but we had greats moments 

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